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Vinyl Envelopes

Vinyl envelopes are an excellent alternative to paper envelopes when durability and protection are important or when transparency is desired. They are ideal for a wide range of commercial, clerical and industrial applications. They are also environmentally sound, as their durable nature renders them long lasting and reusable. All of our vinyl envelopes are made from recyclable material.

From critical document holders to craft organizers, there are endless uses for these handy vinyl envelopes. Vinyl envelopes let you organize and protect objects, documents and products with the peace of mind that your items are secure and protected from the elements.

We can make-to-order virtually any variation of vinyl envelope – from small to large, clear to opaque, fold close to secure closure, multi-pocketed and more. Our vinyl envelopes can be personalized with screen printing, digital printing or foil stamping and embossing and with a palette of color, texture and translucency options. You may also add adhesive and magnetic backing, or a custom fit a binder or special closure with flap and pre-drilled holes. Our specialized equipment allows production from as few as 100 pieces up to millions of pieces.

Our vinyl envelopes are manufactured to the most rigorous specifications, and because we make them to order, you can choose the size, style, color, clarity, weight, type of closure, number of pockets, flap size, durability, and functionality of your made-to-order vinyl envelope. Our high-quality vinyl envelopes are produced with best quality materials available. Get the specific features you want, at a price you'd pay for an inferior product.

Do you need a special vinyl envelope? Let us help you design the perfect vinyl envelope for your particular situation. Our experienced design staff is dedicated to meeting your needs.

Flexible Vinyl Envelopes

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