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Magna-Hinge™ Hanging Vinyl Label Holders, Tag Protectors & Pockets

Magna-Hinge™ Hanging Vinyl Pockets

Magna-Hinge™ Hanging Vinyl Label Holder Pocket

Magna-Hinge™ by RNR Plastics, is a line of vinyl inventory and document management label holders that are easy to attach and remove from wire baskets, bins, and shelves, are non-adhesive, can be scanned, color-coded, and follow inventory from receiving to storage.

RNR Magna-Hinge™ Vinyl Pockets have a reinforced tab with an embedded rare earth magnet that can fold around a wire basket, handle, bin or rack and attach securely to another rare earth magnet embedded inside its body. Neodymium rare earth magnets offer significantly greater magnetic holder power as compared to typical rubber magnetic tape. Featuring a clear front for viewing contents and scanning barcodes, these clear, durable envelopes let paperwork travel with a basket from receiving to storage. Suitable for use in manufacturing, assembly, inventory control, materials handling and retail operations, these heavy-duty pouches are made from 10-gauge clear flexible PVC vinyl and permit barcode scanning.

There are infinate uses for Magna-Hinge™ Vinyl Sleeves and Pockets

  • Inventory bar code label holders
  • Bin location tag holders
  • Quality control documents
  • Shop order & job ticket holders
  • Repair tickets
  • Assembly & finishing instructions
  • Destination information for in-plant or intra-plant bins, carts, totes and racks
  • Work in process paperwork
  • Rejected material documentation
  • Rework instructions
  • Kan ban tags
  • Warning signs & important notices

Magna-Hinge™ vinyl pouches will not scratch painted metal surfaces because the magnets are fully encapsulated. Developed for holding job tickets with barcodes, bin location label tags, manifests, check lists, instruction sheets and other inventory management notices, these versatile vinyl pouches can be used for a wide range of display applications anywhere.

Magna-Hinge™ vinyl pouches with Neodymium rare earth magnetic strap closure

Eliminating messy adhesive labels, lost job tickets, inventory tags and excessive handling of paperwork, RNR Magna-Hinge™ plastic vinyl hanging inventory label holders are available in 6 standard sizes to hold tags, labels and inserts from 2" x 6" to 9" x 12".

Almost any size can be made-to-order in variety of materials, multi-pocket configurations and different shapes. Magna-Hinge™ inventory label tag holders can be personalized with color-coded vinyl or printing to categorize or identify different lots to suit your needs. Whether you need to segragate work in progress, identify different types of inventory, designate different levels of priority, or flag rejected parts for inspection and rework, color coded and printed Magna-Hinge™ clear plastic.

Heavy-duty clear flexible vinyl PVC is reusable and extremely recyclable.

Free samples, pricing, and custom quotations are available upon request. Contact us for more information, design ideas, and fast, accurate estimating.